Team TSI

What the Students Say…

You can make a connection back to yourself, when teacher explains a word she explains it in old people’s language, I understand it in young people’s language (not old people’s language!!)

TSI increases your vocabulary. It helps you to prepare for secondary school.

It is very helpful, you learn new words and it helps you to understand the book better.

You get to have a go, it’s not teacher telling you to find out something, you want to find it out for yourself.

I get to ask questions not just teacher.

I understand more words, before I’d read over them. I know more words and I use them.

I do the same work as the smart children.


What the Teachers Say

It was like this huge new thing (TSI)… they weren’t just being taught at anymore, they actually were taking ownership of this programme.

I’m beginning to feel obsolete during TSI, they do it for themselves, pupils who usually would need a lot of support are working independently.

They are not just reading, they are using reading strategies.  I heard a TSI group discussing a connection and they began to negotiate which type of connection it was without any teacher support… If I’d been involved I think they would have clammed up.



What the Authors Say…

TSI: Rich engagement with text

TSI: Effective social skills for learning and working

TSI: Comprehension strategies – independently applied

TSI: Natural inquiry motivating learning

TSI: All pupils giving and receiving help

TSI: Teaching and learning as a team

TSI: Vocabulary learning in a whole new light

TSI: Meaningful feedback supporting learning