TSI Resources

TSI Resources

To support teachers in the initial implementation of TSI, key resources were designed, used and evaluated by pupils and educators in Irish schools. They serve as a scaffold to get started with TSI.

The TSI resources are listed below.

Pupil Cue Cards

In TSI, pupils engage with texts in collaborative groups. They are trained in each of three key roles: leader, strategist and questioner.

Twelve pupil cue cards support the pupils in each role with a menu of key phrases.

Download Pupil Cue Cards


Pupil Choice Cards

Pupil choice cards proved very popular with TSI pupils. Competent readers use comprehension strategies in response to text and enjoy choice in their reading response activities. These cards give that choice as well as structuring additional practice in applying comprehension strategies.

Nine pupil choice cards support the strategist role. Download Pupil Choice Cards


Novel Packs

The selected novels  support varied instructional reading levels.  The novel packs are designed to support vocabulary learning and comprehension work. The vocabulary resources identify unfamiliar vocabulary that pupils work on together.

In TSI pupils are encouraged to generate their own questions in response to text. These comprehension questions model a variety of question types (literal, inferential and evaluative) for pupils and are designed to facilitate discursive collaboration amongst pupils.

The packs also include ideas for further engagement with a wide range of literacy concepts and cross – curricular themes.





Team TSI Evaluation

Pupil Questionnaire

Focus Group Questionnaire