TSI Training Events

Team TSI training

TeamTSI  2017.

TeamTSI facilitates workshops in colleges of education, at conferences and through the education centre network.

The workshops show how TSI builds effectively on the practice of reading comprehension strategies. They cover:

The six Key Elements of TSI:

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Vocabulary and Fluency
  • Inquiry-led Questioning
  • Effective Feedback
  • Team Teaching for TSI

To book a workshop please contact us at teamtsi.ie@gmail.com

School Year 2017-2018.

TeamTSI offers two training models directly to schools from September 2017.

The School Seminar  offers an overview of TeamTSI for schools who are interested in learning more about TeamTSI and who plan to do some groundwork on e.g. reading comprehension strategy work, team-teaching and collaborative learning.
The Sustained Support  CPD suits schools that feel ready to implement TeamTSI, having already introduced and taught reading comprehension strategies.
This model offers extensive support over an initial pilot phase of TeamTSI in your school – usually a 6-8 week timeframe. The Sustained Support Model combines training and  planning for teachers with in-class support pupils.   A wide range of resources for TeamTSI will be made available to the school.

To find out more or to book, please contact us at teamtsi.ie@gmail.com